Sterke verhalen

(A tall story)

Sterke Verhalen is a game made for the elderly living in a retirement home. Its purpose is to establish contact between residents and between residents and their guest (like grandchilden). The game accomplishes this by making the players write a story together.

The game starts with an empty sentence. After that the players take turns filling in the different parts of the sentence. For example the first player creates the character for the sentence, the next one gives it a location, the next one creates an object and the last player fills in the gabs. The thing is that the players can’t read what the others have written.

We noticed In playtest with our target audience that there are two kinds of playstyles. The open game, where the players discuss what they want to do with the story and make a more organized story (which was popular with residents playing with each other) and a closed game, where players filled in the words blindly and made a more random surreal story (which was more popular with residents playing with their younger guest).

When a sentence is finished the players get another one and their roles are switched. After they write a predetermined number of sentences the story ends. They can title the story and read it. Residents of a retirement home also have the option to listen to stories written by others in their retirement home.

In this project we used a lot of co-creation with elderly. With there help we could immediately test what they liked. Insight that was very helpful with a target audience that was so different from myself.

my task:

Game designer, playtester, sound designer & researcher