P-ball is an installation, with the purpose to bring the player in a creative state of mind. The concept of P-ball is based on a old-fashioned pinball machine, but without the normal game elements. The top of the cabinet has sponges with paint colors on them and the middle of the cabinet is room for an A3 paper. The ball isn’t standard as well, it’s made from a material that holds paint very well. This makes the balls leave a trail when you shoot it trough the paint. With these trails you create a pattern on the paper. You can pilot these trails with the handles in the bottom of the cabinet and by placing shapes on the paper before the game starts.

P-ball has no official end. When you need inspiration you set a timer and play the game.  When the timer is over you take out the A3 and look at it. When you do this you need to think about what you’ve made.

my task:

Concept designer & interaction designer