Huygens is a game made for a competition of the Openluchtmuseum in Arnhem. The assignment was to create a game which made a part of Dutch history more interesting for children. Our team chose to create a game about Christiaan Huygens, an important inventor, astronomer, physicist and mathematician from the Netherlands.

The game is kind of an endless runner. Huygens is standing on the moon he discovered, Titan. The moon follows a random generated path through the meteor field of Jupiter (which he also discovered). Huygens has to run around the moon to dodge the different incoming meteors. There are different powers-ups in his path in the form of his inventions , which are randomly spread through the level. Huygens is kind a vain creature, you can’t  use a power-up without listening to him explaining and bragging about it. These are short explanations with a lot of humor and jokes in them to make them more fun and also easier to remember.

The Openluchtmuseum is still discussing which game they are going to implement in the museum. Our game is one of the candidates.

my tasks:

team leader, content designer, writer, researchersound designer

(dutch trailer:)