Every Body

When I was six years old i got diagnosed with leukemia, a type of cancer. There where little booklets that explained to me what this meant for me. In these books the good chemo cells defeated the evil cancer with the help of all the cells around them. This helped me a lot when I was a kid, but when i grew older it left me confused about what exactly had happend to me .

With Every Body I want to explain how the body works to children that go trough the same kind of thing, with themself or someone important for them. This in a way that’s completely correct, but doesn’t scare them about how their bodies work.

Every Body is a serious game app for children between the ages of 8 and 12. They explore how the body works in a variety of short microgames, that don’t last longer than 10 sec. For example, children have to follow the heartbeat by tapping with their fingers or empty their longs by blowing into the microphone. Around the game they get the explanation about what they where doing and what that tells them about their bodies. With the heartbeat tapping game for example, they learn about the Sinus that normally makes the heart follow the beat. The different microgames are ordered by theme, like blood circulation, digestive system, immune system, senses, etc.

Children who want to know more about how a specific disease or disorder works, can find a explanation in short stories that are also included into the app. For these explanation the same microgames are used. For example, the Sick Sinus Syndroom is explained after playing the heartbeat tapping game.

The intention is that doctors, nurses, pedagogues and compatible associations use Every Body as a tool to let children explore how their bodies work on their own, with their parents and/or with their class. Children can also use it to explain to others what is happening during this disease.

I want this app to learn them what is happening with them, what they are going through and what they can still expect. Insight that prevents children from not understanding what is happening to them or someone in their surrounding and keep them unnecessarily awake at night


Game designer, developer, artist & researcher