Dazed voyage

Dazed voyage is a competitive multiplayer, where you try to takeover as many civilians with your own specialized zombie virus. The players start the game with creating their own virus (with its own stats and effects). After they’re done with that the game starts and they have to spread this virus over the civilians within the stage. The game ends after a set time. When it does the player with the highest percentage of zombies wins. It’s possible to takeover others players zombies. Exploring the stage is also encouraged with different upgrades to the virus and different weapons scattered trough the stage. If a player dies, the automatically turns in the kind of zombie that kills him.

In creating this game one of my task was to design the level. We chose a shopping mall as the games location. I had the task to create one that gave the players the feeling of an organized chaos. I gave the mall a very wide-open space in the middle surrounded with small hallways and little shops. When we tested this design we saw that the players loved to mess around in the middle, but took the hallways when they where being strategic. They in particular liked to destroy the different objects placed in there.


Designer, level designer & game tester