About me

Hey there! I’m Lon van Keulen, a twenty-three year old Dutch game designer.

In my games I like to expose players to new thoughts and experiences. Experiences that still mean something after they’re done playing the game. Something new, they never thought about or a strange moment they can think back at with joy.

For example in my game Every Body I use short microgames to let children discover how the body functions. the game also serves as a tool that can be used to explain kids or let them explain what is happening to their own, friend’s or classmate’s body when it isn ot working properly. In another game, Nørsong, I want to teach the player the pleasure of making music. The game is a rail shooter with the twist that you load your “weapon” by improvising on a real life keytar.  Players that follow the beat and learn to play the instrument better, also become better in playing the game and get a big bonus to their score. P-ball is a game in which I want to bring the player in a creative state of mind. It gives the player a new way of becoming creative by making them paint using a pinball table.

I like to immerse myself in new subjects and to develop new skills. Biology, history, mythology, religion etc. all serve as an inspiration to me. I enjoy knowing the craziest facts and like to use them in my games. There isn’t much I don’t think about when I am designing; even the characters names still have a meaning. I’m also skilled at making art (3D & 2D) and programming (C# in Unity & Unreal visual scripting). Skills with which I can prototype and visualize my concepts, something that helps with communicating and testing my designs.

Working with others is something I think is delightful. Using others their vision and input can make your projects bloom. There are also a lot of things I learn by watching others. Even when I work on my own, I like to use the expertise of specialist (and the target audience), they always know something that I don’t and I enjoy the company.


Mail: Lonvankeulen(at)gmail.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lon-van-keulen/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lonvankeulen

Some thinks I enjoy:

-Playing all kind of games with others
-The dice game with Sinterklaas

–Scrum & Kanban

-Cheese fondue

-Coziness and laughing with others


-People watching

-Designing games