Nørsong is a game which is controlled with an actual Keytar. The game teaches the player the fun of making music. This by promoting improvisation and rewarding the player if it sounds good. The game is an on rail shooter, with the twist that you need to load your “weapon” with playing on your keytar. Players can play however they want, but loading goes a lot faster if you follow the beat. Different enemies are spawned on the road. defeating them gives you points. On the end of a level is a boss fight white his own mechanics. If you play good, the judges also give your score a big bonus.

The city you live in is taken over by monsters like sirens and krakens. People are being killed or kidnapped. Everybody is losing hope, but not you. You trained for this day, played keytar with ninja’s, dinosaurs, robots and robot ninja dinosaurs. You are ready to rock their socks of and sing some nice songs, but you’re all out of nice! Destroy them with the power of music,

The style of the game is 80’s mixed with Vikings. This comes back in the art style but also in the design. We liked the over the top action of bad 80’s styled movies and wanted to put it in the game as well.

my tasks:

Game designer Developer

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